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TechLove in the times of Corona, 1 Global AI Mission

Challenging times ahead of us, facing COVID19. As the universe surprises us all, we bring people together to surprise back, with initiatives, endeavors and joint ventures. Here is one of them:

DSG AI MISSION calls hospitals from around the world:

Data Science Group is leading an AI mission with hospitals, to share data and create early detection of deterioration in COVID19 patients & identify diagnostic markers in order to prioritize treatments.


· Sheba Medical Center, Israel, ARC Center of Innovation (one of the 10 largest hospitals in the west, 2020)

· Tel Aviv Medical Center, aka ICHILOV 6(to be confirmed)

· John Hopkins hospital (to be confirmed) RESEARCH OBJECTIVES

· AI based models predicting deterioration risk in diagnosed COVID-19 patients

· AI based models providing diagnostic markers based on imaging & lab measures

· AI based models tracking climate effect on symptoms development

"This moment in time is the biggest challenge of mankind and science. Your hospital data can create early detection of deterioration, improve healthcare system efficiency and save lives".

Dr. Orna Berry, Chair of Israel National AI Council, DSG Advisory Board, former Israel Chief Scientist.

HOSPITALS’ DELIVERABLES AND BENEFITS DSG Federated learning enables data anonymity, but each hospital gains insights surfaced from the collective larger data base. · Measures and accurate diagnostic markers- to enable flagging high risk patients and to prioritize treatment. · Accelerated Automation of imaging results analysis, faster than radiologists. · Extract insights that 'average' radiologist/doctor cannot extract. · Credit will be given to all participating hospitals in all academic publications DATA REQUIREMENTS Access to anonymized Electronic Medical Records (EMR’s) and patient imaging data. DSG - GLOBAL AI CENTER OF EXCELLENCE DSG is a global AI center of excellence with expertise across all Deep Learning & Machine Learning methods. The DSG team consists of thirty scientists and entrepreneurs who have developed a unique method of analyzing errors in the AI model with the E-VOLVE platform leading to 95% success rate according to predefined KPI's in dozens of models across all industries. DSG Health specializes in analyzing electronical medical records, spectrometric analysis of blood plasma, imaging, NLP in medical clinical notes, time series analysis and signal processing such as audio recordings.

Your hospital data can create early detection of deterioration and save lives.

We welcome you to join forces in this global battle, exchanging data, ideas and resources, so together we find a solution, fast.

Contact us: gal@datascience.co.il; +972-54-455-4647; http://www.datascience.co.il

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