Hi-Tech Ambassadors is a globally recognized NGO, promoting innovation, business and diplomacy.  


We seek to Bridge nations through innovation, culture, science and education for mutual and sustainable growth.


Hi-Tech Ambassadors is a non-profit organization active in the
Innovation-Diplomacy-Business scope.


We began in 2009 on the notion that people & mutual challenges can bridge between
countries & businesses.

Our goal is to leverage the long term relationships, share cultural values, create collaborations, and integrate it with advocacy concerning the relationship between the countries.

We seek to bridge between nations through innovation, science, education and relationships.

We welcome innovation leaders to be Ambassadors -
for your innovation ecosystem, business community &  country.

  • Creating real growth opportunities, and long term relationships among top innovation and diplomatic

  • Initiating global projects making innovation culture and knowledge accessible to the
    Y & Z generations.

  • Guiding foreign Ambassadors, attaches and businessmen in the Israeli Ecosystem. 

Countries can achieve mutual growth and solve global challenges by sharing innovation, know-how, relationships and success stories. 

We began in 2009 on the notion of hi-tech diplomacy bridges between businesses, countries and people. Our goal is to leverage the long term relationships hi-tech leaders manage with their global colleagues, to enlighten shared cultural values and collaboration potentials, and integrate it with advocacy concerning each national identity. Thus the name hi-tech ambassadors.


We develop vehicles connect relevant partners in and between ecosystems to create strategic initiatives based on psychology models including attitude change & consumer behavior.



Tsav-8 to Barcelona

10TH Annual conference of HiTech Ambassadors, with tech leaders, serial entrepreneurs, investors, government and foreign ambassadors-

Discussing mutual challenges and growth opportunities, facing Ai revolution, and towards MWC\GSMA . Hosted at Oracle:)

Independence Day

US Ambassador David Friedman Honorary Dinner to Safra Catz // 16.4.2018 //

Towards Israel 70th Independence day, selected HiTech Ambassadors, accountable for over 70 Billion dollars exits, gathered with Oracle Israel customers &  CFO forum, at the residence of US Ambassador David Friedman and his wife Tami, at a dinner reception, held by Oracle Israel and HiTech Ambassadors, honouring Safra Catz, Oracle CEO- Top Innovation woman worldwide.

Round Tables & Events

. Sharing conversation and action with other Innovation Nations. a. Top hitech diplomacy networking  (c level, diplomacy, innovation, in mobile & telecom, cyber & smart cities, R&D, Ai & IoT)

Special Projects

Forming cross industry multinational plans for mutual challenges

such as evangelizing science & computer education.
Initiating global projects making innovation accessible to Y, Z generations- so they can make a difference.  

People & Content strategy (presentations, key notes, films, newsletters, reviews)

Accomplishments & Results


Accredited by Israel's Prime Minister's Office

For creating an innovative marketing approach for the
Israeli high-tech industry. 

Within the scope of The Israel Prime Minister Committee for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Awards, a limited number of enterprises have created exceptional admiration and high esteem among the committee members.

Due that, it was decided to accredit you a special tribute by the Award Committee.

Hi-Tech Ambassadors operates an innovative model, to empower Israel's image abroad, intertwined with the image of Israel Tech Industry.

The model recruits Israeli tech professionals as a-formal ambassadors to advocate Israel's image.

The initiative is a role model for national responsibility to the state image in the eyes of the world, by providing tools to business people representing Israel at global conferences.

Safra Katz - Hosted by the US Embassy. 

Hi-Tech Ambassadors Welcomes the US Ambassador

National Days. 

Launching Swedish Connect, ViVa Tech and UK\IL HUB. 

Cyber-Week Global Strategy

MNC R&D Forum

Tsav-8 to Barcelona



More of our Accomplishments


The Multinational R&D Forum was set by Hi-Tech Ambassadors to bring together the leaders of multinational R&D centers in Israel to collaborate on mutual challenges. It was the first international tech forum to bring direct R&D competitors to collaborate on mutual challenges.



  • Trust and mutual goal relationships between competing entities.

  • Joint initiatives with Israel National Economic Council.

  • Operative Work teams & projects : 
    1 Cyber Security   I   2 brain gain fairs  
    3 Positioning & Communication

       4 Growth (bringing more R&D centers to 

       5 Ecosystem collaborations (w. Gov, Orgs., etc.)

  • Multinational R&D paper regarding Israel CYBER Security Ecosystem.

  • Annual Business & Funding program to IATI, for the Forum and for entire IATI.

-  9 months after its establishment, and the above results, the  forum was merged into IATI

TOGA Networks (Huawei) -

Identifying and presenting relevant storage related technologies to a stealth team from China re next generation Data Center.


Result :  A new division at Huawei Israel.

Google ventures –

Introducing the ecosystem, key players and trends to Sergey Brin and Anil Hansjee, Google M&A Ventures leader.

Result : Google ventures established a permanent local presence named Innovation Endeavours.
Acquisitions of MODU and others.

2009 - 2011

Advising Robert Locascio


Extending Liveperson Offering.


Result : The Company's management in Israel was replaced and made the turnaround needed in the company. 

Platform: OCC CLUB


IBM acquires Storwize.
Setting Storwize's strategy so its acquired by IBM storage. 

Result : The start of IBM Storage R&D Center in Israel


Hosting Verizon's chief wireless architect, with 1:1 meetings with specific and relevant startups, by demand.


Result: Verizon starts investing in the Israeli ecosystem and startups.