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Getting a Sense of Quantum- how do we touch Quantum to see the future?

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

DeepTech is a familiar concept in the Israeli hi-tech. Yesterday it was celebrated in an inspiring conference held by Grove Ventures of Dov Moran.

- To bring Quantum to life, we need to fill in the gaps between physical and digital/quantum.

- Technology is touching us physically 360- we need to secure our interfaces.

- The hope? Relies on our deep-tech academia knowledge, resilient ecosystem, and great people putting their minds and hearts together.

Dr. Orna Berry, presented the mindset that set the Israeli Quantum initiative, highlighting our resilience as the key to gain our position at the front row:

According to her, Photosynthesis and our smell neurons- are Quantum. "In photosynthesis, a photon is captured by chlorophyll molecule and then delivered to the “Reaction Center” (where it is turned into chemical energy). To get to the reaction center, the photon follows multiple pathways at once (quantum coherence) to optimize the most efficient way of reaching the Reaction Center". In the Quantum triple pillars- Israel is a player in Communication and Sensors, aiming to become a player in the Computing as well.

Japan director of Cybersecurity Division at the Ministry of Economy & Industry, Toshikazu Okuya called for deep tech and new risk management solutions to protect Society 5.0 as IoT is touching all of us- Physically in 360 degrees.

The gaps between Quantum hardware and software, Qubits and algorithms received close attention from IBM taking pride on their Israeli interdisciplinary Quantum team. Quantum Machines tackles a different gap- to enable hybrid Quantum computer be operative today: they fill in the gap between the Quantum hardware and classic hardware- so they have a "Quantum Orchestration platform" already being sold worldwide.

Innovation Nation Key Success Formula was found relevant to Quantum too: our multidisciplinary approach, combined with deep tech knowledge and resilient spirit- are Israel path to supremacy.

Almost everyone agreed the majority of our resources in the Quantum race should go to the Academia- so 75% of Israel National Quantum initiative will go to Academia. It takes 6-8 years to develop an academic Quantum mind. I could not resist thinking my "rebel" thoughts- What if we can take deep tech entrepreneurs from fields interface with Quantum- and trigger their minds to think Quantum principles- today? I mean, if a non tech, non math\physics Phd as myself can grasp the idea of entanglement, superposition and Qubits- surely serial entrepreneurs, if we close them in a room with academia experts- will come out with disruptive less than the alleged 8 years? in Hebrew its called "KFITZAT HADERECH", in Quantum- Time leap😊

Dov Moran summed up the day in his words: "Israel is a deep tech empire – see the future".

Curious for more? join our conference TSAV8 to Barcelona on February 20th.


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