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Israel Ecosystem Super-Position

9% of worlds' top inventions are Israeli:) Ready to join the next decades' list? Join HiTech Ambassadors conference and let the innovation games begin.

Our ecosystem is Chaotic & Disruptive, same as our culture. But lets' talk about the source of it all. There is an underneath enabler to all of that: the deep knowledge & tech accumulated here, the open mind - global mind and the general spirit of taking risks, jumping ahead of time or making up for lost time. Let's call it Resiliency. We might not have the resources such as US or China, but we do manage to take our place in the innovation front-line:

- Telecom knowledge positioned us in the right place to join and lead the Mobile revolution.

- In 2010 the mission was to position Israel among top 5 Cyber Security Innovation Nations, within 5 years. Mission accomplished in 3 years.

- In 2018 the mission was AI. Still heading there, but already in 2019 there was an international AI conference in Israel. Mobileye, Orcam, ELIQ and Mellanox- were not built in a day, and are based on the deep tech ecosystem, big data, Deep & Machine Learning and academia multidisciplinary approach, began back in the 70'!.

As we are heading the QUANTUM mission, it seems our ecosystem is in a SUPER-POSITION: The Quantum as the enabler of Fin-tech & MHealth, whereas Mobile, Blockchain & Cloud are Quantum enablers.

This challenge path to success as others before it, goes through people, knowledge, & platforms. Join us to check Quantum cross references, in the making of the next revolution. Today.

Join us here Among our 2020 elite speakers:

UK Ambassador to Israel, H.E. Neil Wigan

Tal David, Head of Israel Quantum Initiative

Dr. Yonathan Cohen, CTO, Quantum Machines

Dorit Aharononv, Weizmann Institute

Yoav Intrator, Head of Israel Innovation & Technology, Managing Director, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Rutie Adar, Head of Samsung Innovation Center, Israel

Moshe Levinger, Senior Manager, IBM Research Lab (tbc)

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