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Personal Highlights from CYBERWEEK: Our future is….Human:

I came out of CyberWeek with 2 key insights, few questions, and 1 Paradox, I challenge you to join efforts in resolving it: 

a. Cyber challenge is still about Trust & Togetherness.

b. Ai challenge is about Inclusive economy & "machines" empathy.

Israel future:  Keep up with our innovation mission of making the desert flourish, ensuring inclusive economy. These days, the fact terror kites are burning our trees in the south, enhances our tendency to focus on growth! Rather than criticism, and international relationships are a growing beacon.

Cyber future:

1. Trust & people before technology. Need to build trust infrastructures together!  Realizing a Geneva conference is impossible but maybe if industry will have enough incentives- they will make it happen themselves. Academia is a cool Trust bridge between industry and governments, but also between nations ecosystems.

2. The only Defenders advantage is they own the terrain. If they hold and control it through continuous terrain remodeling- they own the game.

3. Privacy will become a currency. My question is what if younger generations define privacy- different?

Ai Future:

1. Investments in offensive Ai cyber will continue as long as Gov will..

2. Supercomputers "it's alive!": If the network itself calculates (gpu cpu per se) saves time & gains computing power efficiency. ex.: Chinese using Mellanox are 10 -100! times faster than google in face recognition.

3. China is more advanced in Ai chips production - so even if West will create Ai ethics restraints - those chips will enable bypassing/violating it.

4. Time to outsource security to machines - humans are the weakest link. Or are we the critical link? Can we tame Ai for empathy & values or should we ensure Ai creators are kind people?

5. Best Ai implementation will be when it protects IoT.

6. Best Ai benefit: education will be accessible to more people.

7. Ai paradox: 45% of jobs will cease to exist by 2030. On the other hand, Ai will create wealth out of new productivity types, which can be distributed. My question is Who will distribute it and how? And to whom? Can Ai be tamed?...Can we?

Inspirational speakers at cyber week: Israel PM Netanyahu; Dr. Orna Berri; Eden Shochat; Dr. Dorit Dor; Dr. Evyatar Matania; Eyal Waldman, Mellanox; Christopher C. Krebs, senior official, Homeland security USA; Yigal Unna , director general, Israel national cyber directorate ; Prof.Moran Cerf; Chris Roberts; Dr. Chris Demchak

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