Ann-Mari Fineman

Head of VINNOVA TLV, Sweden’s Innovation Agency

Counsellor for Innovation Affairs at the Embassy of Sweden in Israel.

Her work includes creating platforms, processes and structures that promote and facilitate mutually beneficial, long-term innovation collaboration through collaborative innovation projects and initiatives.

Before opening the Vinnova Tel Aviv Office in 2018, Ms Fineman had a role as Head of Department, Innovation Management Division, at Vinnova. Her responsibilities involved defining, developing, implementing and monitoring innovation financing initiatives, primarily within the IT-applications and Services sectors. She also had strategic and operational responsibility in the area of Innovation Capacity in the Public Sector, as well as in the areas of open innovation and open data.

Yoav Intrator, Ph.D.

General Manager, head of Israel Tech & Innovation Center, JP Morgan Chase. 

Formerly CTO at Bank Hapoalim. Created the bank’s innovation lab, drove the corporate innovation strategy, and fostered partnerships with other global banks, multinationals and the academia.

Developed business solutions using Blockchain, Data Science, A.I. and more. 

Was also G.M. at Microsoft Corp. in Redmond Washington, and filled several executive roles including CTO, and Chief Enterprise Architect in companies like Deutsche Bank, XL Capital, and AT&T.

Yoav has a MS and Ph.D. in Computer Science from George Washington University, and has been recognized with several innovation awards.

Tal David, Dr.

Head of the Israeli National Quantum Initiative.

A joint venture of the Council of Higher Education, the Innovation Authority in the Ministry of Economics, the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Science, and Ministry of Finance.

Joined the ministry of Defense, where he headed its Quantum Science and Technology program.

Worked in the industry in a lasers start-up and lead a group of quantum magnetic sensing research at IAI.

Tal got his PhD in Quantum Physics from Ben Gurion University, studying quantum sensing with ultra-cold atoms.

Yonatan Cohen, Dr.

Co-founder and CTO at Quantum Machines. 

Quantum Machines develops the Quantum Orchestration Platform: a new kind of control and operation system for quantum computers, which opens new possibilities and allows to realize the potential of quantum processors. 

"With a multidisciplinary team of highly motivated physicists and engineers, all passionate about solving the challenges of controlling quantum devices, we hope to help making the dream of a large-scale quantum computer become a reality”.

Prior to Quantum Machines, Yonatan did his PhD work on quantum electronics devices at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.  

Rutie Adar

Head of Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center, Israel. 

Leading new business creation and growth engines through acquisitions and investments in growth domains including smart machines and automotive, digital health, IOT, and A.I.


Rutie has been in the Semiconductors industry for 25 years, at both startup and multinational companies.

Held various managerial positions in marketing, strategy, planning and business development.

Has BSc and MSc in mathematics and computer science from the Hebrew University Jerusalem and MBA from Tel Aviv University. 

Dr. Eric Ben-Artzi, PhD

An expert in quantitative financial modeling, whit a Ph.D. from NYU. He worked for major Wall Street firms such as Goldman Sachs as well as small fin-tech startups such as BondIT.

Eric worked in roles ranging from trader and structurer to VP of risk. In his role as a risk manager at Deutsche Bank, Eric protected the investing public by exposing complex accounting irregularities.

In addition to his current endeavors as an entrepreneur, Eric teaches financial engineering courses at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.  

Yael Shany
CEO & Founder Hi-Tech Ambassadors.

Strategy consultant specialized in Ecosystem & Country branding, strategic alliances & biz-dev. Initiated and manages several hi-tech forums & communities.

Was accredited by the Israeli PM's Office for worlds' first Hi-tech Diplomacy initiative - TSAV-8 to Barcelona.

Worked in advertising agencies on projects for telecom companies such as MIRS, BEZEQ, CELLCOM, as well as  commercial companies such as Jaguar, Corona, EL-AL and more.
Has a Master's degree in Social Psychology from the Tel-Aviv University. 

Ayal Shenhav, Dr.

Head of Hi-Tech Practice, GKH.

Represents many of Israel’s leading venture capital and private equity funds, advising them on structure, taxation, and operations. Has been involved in complex M&A and financing transactions, representing investors, companies and founders. 

Practiced law at Davis Polk & Wardwell in N.Y., served as Vice Dean of the Radzyner School of Law at the Interdisciplinary Center Hertzliya and senior partner at Danziger Klagsbald & Co. 
An Adjunct Professor at the Tel Aviv University and the Interdisciplinary Center Hertzliya. Also a frequent lecturer at seminars and conferences.

Dr. Shenhav is the Chairman of the IATI Law Firm and Accounting Firm Committee.

Fred de Leeuw, 

Private Investor in the fields of AI, Quantum computing, Fin-tech, E-health, 



Mentor to SBC (Startup Bootcamp, Amsterdam), 27 years of experience in commercial negotiating, contracting outsourcing, procurement, sales.


Fred is looking for startups that might come -at some stage- to the market with smart applications based on or derived from QC technology.

Yael Benvenisti,

CEO, Mediterranean Towers Ventures


CEO at  corporate venture capital program that invests in early-stage technology companies developing disruptive solutions for aging – the fastest growing population segment around the world. Chairperson of Technologies of Aging Well /Aging 2.0 Israel - Society of Electrical and Electronic Engineers in Israel, since 2011. Founder of the Israeli entrepreneurial ecosystem of the Aging Tech space, and represent Aging2.0 organization. In 2019- Selected as one of the Israeli influencers in Longevity 

Rafael Aviram,

President & CEO, Meditemi

Economic Attaché of Xiamen Government in Israel

Mr. Aviram is the Chief Innovation Officer and investment manager in Easepal Group, President and CEO of meditemi, Executive VP in Medisana and Economic Attaché of Xiamen Government in Israel. Rafael is an entrepreneur, an angle Investor, well acquainted with technology in various fields with more than 18 years of global experience as an executive manager with an exceptional proven track record for turning a vision into an achievement.

Maxim Pasik,

Executive Chairman, Watergen

Maxim Pasik is the Executive Chairman of Watergen, the world’s leading Atmospheric Water Generation company solving the global drinking water crisis,  bringing a new source of clean water to people everywhere. Maxim  is focused on bringing the company’s lifesaving water-from-air technology to the world through the establishment of strategic partnerships and global operations capabilities. He has successfully introduced Watergen’s innovative solutions to world leaders like Secretary General Guterres, Prime Minister Netanyahu, Prince Albert II of Monaco, Prime Minister Modi, and has addressed leading international gatherings like the African Leaders’ forum at the UN, the World Economic Forum in China, Jordan, and Davos, and the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad, India.

Dr. Racheli Kreisberg,

Innovation attache, Netherlands Embassy in Israel and manager Israeli Dutch Innovation center (IDIC).


Dr. Racheli Kreisberg serves since January 2016 as the Innovation Attaché of the Holland Innovation Network, Ministry of Economic Affairs, at the Netherlands Embassy in Israel. She established the Israeli-Dutch Innovation Center (IDIC) and she is responsible for developing R&D and business collaborations between Dutch and Israeli companies, Universities and research institutions. Her work is focused on the High-Tech Systems and Materials (HTSM) top-sector, i.e., AI, quantum technologies, photonics, robotics, cyber, agro-tech as well as the Life Science and Agro&Food top sectors.


In December 2016 the Netherlands Embassy in Israel launched the Israeli-Dutch Innovation Center (IDIC). The mission of IDIC is to initiate, facilitate, develop and enhance innovative R&D collaborations between Dutch and Israeli organizations from the public and private sector. Together we empower innovation, address major societal challenges, sustain a leading role in the global market and truly make a change.