Safra Katz - Hosted by the US Embassy. 

Hi-Tech Ambassadors Welcomes the US Ambassador

National Days. 

Launching Swedish Connect, ViVa Tech and UK\IL HUB. 

Cyber-Week Global Strategy

MNC R&D Forum

Tsav-8 to Barcelona




Accomplishments & Results


Initiated the process for the ARM R&D Center in Israel.
Identifying the opportunity to set the center, and making it happen.

•Platform: TSAV8 to Barcelona

Launching UK-IS Tech-
Hub –
The worlds first Bilateral tech hub.

UK expands the model and implements it in other countries.

accomplishments cyber 1.jpg


TOGA Networks (Huawei) 

Identifying and presenting relevant storage related technologies to a stealth team from China re next generation Data Center.


Result :  A new division at Huawei Israel.

Platform: OCC CLUB

Google ventures –

Introducing the ecosystem, key players and trends to Sergey Brin and Anil Hansjee, Google M&A Ventures leader.

Result : Google ventures established a permanent local presence named Innovation Endeavours.
Acquisitions of MODU and others.

Platform: OCC CLUB

2009 - 2011

Advising Robert Locascio


Extending Liveperson Offering.


Result : The Company's management in Israel was replaced and made the turnaround needed in the company. 

Platform: OCC CLUB


IBM acquires Storwize.
Setting Storwize's strategy so its acquired by IBM storage. 

Result : The start of IBM Storage R&D Center in Israel


Hosting Verizon's chief wireless architect, with 1:1 meetings with specific and relevant startups, by demand.


Result: Verizon starts investing in the Israeli ecosystem and startups.

Accredited by Israel's Prime Minister's Office

For creating an innovative marketing approach for the
Israeli high-tech industry. 

Within the scope of The Israel Prime Minister Committee for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Awards, a limited number of enterprises have created exceptional admiration and high esteem among the committee members.

Due that, it was decided to accredit you a special tribute by the Award Committee.

Hi-Tech Ambassadors operates an innovative model, to empower Israel's image abroad, intertwined with the image of Israel Tech Industry.

The model recruits Israeli tech professionals as a-formal ambassadors to advocate Israel's image.

The initiative is a role model for national responsibility to the state image in the eyes of the world, by providing tools to business people representing Israel at global conferences.